Things That Are Allowed to Put In The Dumpster

There are many policies and rules about what can people toss away in their rented dumpster, sadly some people are not aware of it. These rules were implemented to protect the environment as well as the humans of the hazardous materials that might be contained in rented dumpsters. There are several quality dumpster rentals such as the dumpster rental San Francisco that offer quality service to their clients, although the renters also need to follow the rules for disposal.  

When it comes to what exactly you can toss away into the dumpster, it is crucial to discuss it with your service provider. They will certainly help you identify which ones are plausible and which are hazardous. But in this article, we will provide you some of the things that are permitted in dumpster rental.  


Different types of furniture such as chairs, tables, and couches are all permitted to be thrown away. However, different states have different implemented rules. Some states permit this furniture while some do not – and some ask for an extra charge for these materials.  


Electronics are usually encouraged to be recycles especially when you have thrown a bulk of these electronics. Electronic materials include printers, TVs, computers, and the like. There are companies that let you dispose of these kinds of materials for free, while some ask for extra charges. Also, there are local regulations that do not permit electronic materials to be thrown in dumpsters especially in the local areas.  


Appliances such as dryers, AC units, washers, and refrigerators are allowed to be thrown into the dumpster, However, some toxic materials in these appliances need to be removed first. When you want to dispose of your regenerator or any freon-containing appliances, you are required to call a professional such as an HVAC expert to remove this toxic material before tossing the ref away into the container. 

4.Yard Waste 

Generally, branches, grass, brush, trees, and other green waste are permitted to be thrown. However, the regulations depend on the dumpster rental company. There are local areas that allow you to fill your dumpster with any green materials, while the are some that do not.  

There are dumpsters that offer a “clean-load” service, which means that the dumpster that you rent will only be for green materials.  

5.Construction debris 

construction debris such as stone, concrete, brick, roofing shingles, and other materials and waste you create from renovation or remodeling. However, because these materials are usually heavy, some dumpster companies will require you to call some service companies specializing in heavy materials. Some service materials that allow you to throw these materials also require extra charges form you. So, it is important to ask your service provider if they allow or not. 


You must be able to throw away your waste and junk in a proper way, without violating any policies of your local service company. It is important to discuss these matters with them especially when identifying which are permitted or not. 

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